Easy David and Goliath Lesson: Wear Your Own Armor

One of the things that I love about the Bible is that you can read it over and over, and you will still find new things. I’ve read the story or David and Goliath so many times, but this past time that I read it I noticed a part of the story I had never noticed before– David wears his own armor.

You see, David is this little shepherd. He is not a soldier. When he volunteers to fight Goliath, King Saul has him put on his armor, but it doesn’t fit him well. David isn’t used to that kind of heavy armor and weapons.

So David tells Saul that he is going to wear his own armor.

Which is basically nothing.

But he decides to go into battle as himself, with his things only. In doing this, David is being true to himself, and walking in the gifts that God gave him instead of trying to be like Saul.

This is the same thing that we want our kids to do.

Today’s lesson is super easy and super simple. It’s not going to blow your mind, but it will get the point across– that we should use the gifts that God gives us instead of trying to be like other people.

As always, you can do this lesson with minimal materials. If you are looking for some more printables, coloring sheets, worksheets to answer the questions, and more, then you can purchase the printables that go along with this story by clicking here.

Free David and Goliath lesson for Sunday School, Children's Church, or Bible class. This free Bible lesson talks all about how David decided to be himself while fighting Goliath, and wore his own armor. Becca's Bible Class

David and Goliath Lesson

Bible: 1 Samuel 17

Materials: Large pair of shoes

Optional: David Wore His Own Armor printables pack

Object Lesson

First off, you will need a pair of adult shoes. These could be your shoes, or you can grab a pair at Goodwill. The bigger, the better. Also, the prettier the better. You want to make it seem like these are the most amazing shoes in the world.

Tell the kids about the shoes– how pretty the are, how much you love them, etc. Ask for a volunteer to come up to the front and try them on (the small the kid, the better).

After the student comes up to the front, you can have them put the shoes on. Then ask them to walk across the room. If the shoes are big, and the kid is small, this will probably be quite a feat– and also pretty funny.

Ask the students what makes this difficult. (The shoes are not the kid’s size.)

Tell them, “Even though these shoes are perfect for me, they aren’t perfect for everyone. They may be too big or too small. They may not be your style. They may not work in the snow or on the beach. These shoes are perfect for me, but not for everyone.”

After they get the picture, read 1 Samuel 17, emphasizing the scene where Saul tries to get David to wear his armor.

Ask the students the following questions about the story. There are pages to answer these questions in the printables.

  • Why did Saul want David to wear his armor? (It was really good armor– good enough for a king. It would keep David safe.)
  • Why did David refuse? (It didn’t fit him, just like the shoes did not fit earlier.)
  • How did David kill Goliath? (With a slingshot)
  • Do you think that David still would have won if he’d used Saul’s things?

Conclusion: David used his own talents to defeat Goliath– and he won! He couldn’t use Saul’s things, because they didn’t fit him correctly. When we walk in the gifts that God gives us, then we can be triumphant. If we try to be like other people, though, then we won’t be as successful.

So What? Ask the students what their talents are, and some ways that they can walk in them.

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Free David and Goliath lesson for Sunday School, Children's Church, or Bible class. This free Bible lesson talks all about how David decided to be himself while fighting Goliath, and wore his own armor. Becca's Bible Class

Drawing Extension

Option 1: Have students write or draw pictures of their talents and share them with a partner or with the class. Talk about ways they could use these talents for God.

Option 2: Have students draw a picture of David wearing his own armor v. Saul’s armor. You can fold the paper in half, so that they are side by side.

Both of these drawing pages can also be located in the printables that go along with this story. Click here to purchase.

Another Option– Talent Show!

Another option for the extension of this activity is that students can put on a talent show! Give them 10ish minutes to prepare, and then have them show off their talents! You may have kids drawing, singing, doing cartwheels, writing or reading a story, kicking soccer balls, etc.

The idea is that we celebrate any of their talents.

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So there you go! A super simple lesson about David and Goliath that celebrates our students’ and their talents!

You can purchase the printables by clicking here. Of course, you can do the lesson without them, but they provide templates, extensions, and coloring sheets to go along with the lesson.

What is your favorite part of David and Goliath? You can leave a comment below, or tag me on Instagram @BeccasBibleClass to let me know!

Happy teaching!