Simple Trinity Object Lesson for Kids with Candy Corn

When I think about fall, I think about candy corn. 

I know, I know a lot of people hate candy corn. But I love it. 

When I was little, my mom would always keep candy corn in a jar in the living room throughout October, and we’d snack on it all of the time. 

So when I was looking for a way to explain the Trinity to my kiddos at church during fall, of course I decided we must use candy corn. 

This candy corn object lesson is a good way to share about the Trinity, and help students understand that God is one, but God is also three. 

So grab a bag of candy corn, and let’s dive into this simple object lesson!

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A photo that shows 2 parts of the free trinity object lesson with candy corn-- an anchor chart showing the parts of candy corn with the titles God the father, son, and Holy spirit. The other part shows the candy corn pages with bible verses on them for the scavenger hunt. Free when you sign up for Becca's Bible class


  • Candy corn
  • Printable craft (free!)
  • Candy corn verses (also free)

Grab your printables here.

Before the Trinity object lesson:

  • Print out craft
  • Make candy corn shapes with the Bible verses and hide around the room
  • Draw a candy corn on a piece of chart paper or white board

graphic with candy corn that says candy corn object lesson for the trinity in a blog post by becca's bible class

Trinity Object Lesson:

  • Begin with a piece of candy corn. Ask students how many colors they see. Then ask if the colors are a part of the same piece or different pieces. 
  • Scavenger hunt: Have students find the candy corn shapes you hid around the room. (Pro tip: I always hide some blank ones too, so that everyone gets to find something.)
  • Once students have collected all of the candy corns, use the Bible verses to learn about the Trinity. I usually make it a Sword Drill (a race to see who can find it first!). Start with Ephesians 4:4, and discuss how God is one. Draw the outline of the candy corn on the board.
  • Next, read Matthew 28:19. Draw the two lines to create 3 sections of the candy corn. Write Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the three sections. Say: God is one being, like this candy corn. But God has different parts, just like the candy corn does. These parts are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • Read Isaiah 44:6. Next to the Father section, write attributes of God the Father– creator, redeemer, etc. 
  • Read John 1:14, John 10:30, and John 14:9. Write attributes of Jesus next to His section: God come down to Earth, human, healer, forgiver, truthful, etc. You don’t have to stick with the verses; students can use prior knowledge to share about Jesus. 
  • Then read John 14:16-17. Write attributes of the Holy Spirit next to that section– God on Earth, truth, help, etc.
  • Finally, read Luke 3:21. Say: There is only one God, but there are 3 parts of God. God the Father, who created the Earth and lives in Heaven. We were separated from Him by sin, so He sent Jesus (the son) to us to save us and show us how to live. When Jesus went to Heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit to stay here on Earth with us. When we ask God to live in our hearts, the Holy Spirit is the part that stays with us. 

Note: It is normal for kids to be a bit confused about all of this. It’s normal for adults to be confused too! They may have a lot of questions. Sometimes my kids ask me questions that I can’t answer. I tell them: God is hard to figure out– and that’s a good thing! We want God to be smarter than us, and so if we don’t completely understand that’s ok. 

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a graphic that says free trinity object lesson and printable craft from a blog post about a candy corn object lesson from becca's bible class

Trinity Candy Corn Craft

After the lesson, have students make a candy corn craft. They can copy what you put on the board, or they can use the free printables to create a candy corn where the different pieces fold up. Put the labels on the outside of the sections, and the attributes underneath. 

There you have it– a simple Trinity object lesson using candy corn!

Don’t forget to grab your free lesson pack here!

Happy teaching!


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