Exciting Games to Teach Jesus’ Miracles to Kids

If you’re teaching kids about the Bible, one of the best things to do is to play games. Kids learn by playing, and anytime you say the word “game”, attention instantly gets higher. These games are different games that you can play along with the miracles of Jesus. 

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a graphic that says use games to teach about miracles from becca's bible class

Resurrector Game

First off, let’s talk about a game for miracles that works with Jesus being resurrected, Lazarus, or the little girl being brought back to life. (Also, if you used to play Mafia in Youth Group, you’ll find this one especially fun.)

Students sit in a circle. Everyone gets a piece of paper. On one, write an “R” for resurrector. On one, write “D” for detective. I used to put numbers on the other ones, but now I leave them blank. Make sure everyone keeps the papers a secret!

The detective stands in the middle of the circle. The resurrector blinks at people to resurrect them. If you are resurrected, you stand up and say, “I’m alive!” The detective has to guess who the resurrector is before everyone comes back to life. 

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Blind Man Relay

Next up is a favorite of ours– the blind man relay. 

Blindfold on student. Have another student be the “helper”. Their job is to get the blindfolded student across the room without hitting anything– using words. They aren’t allowed to touched the blindfolded kid. 

When we do this, we move the chairs around the room to make it harder. Then the kids who are not playing lay down on the floor to create more obstacles. 

We time each set of students and the fastest pair is the winner!

Pair this with Jesus healing the blind man (we also use it to talk about Missionaries leading people to God and about having faith). 

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a graphic that says games to teach about jesus' miracles in a post about games for sunday school or children's church by becca's bible class

Towel relay

The story about the paralytics being lowered down through the roof of the building is always a hit. Along with this, you can do a towel relay. 

Students get into teams of 3 or 5. Each team needs a beach towel. Put the smallest person on the towel, and the team must carry them across the room, around a chair, and back. The first team back is the winner. 

Note: Make sure you supervise this one so it doesn’t get out of hand– you don’t want anyone to get dropped or bump their heads!

For a safer version, you could use a doll or a stuffed animal instead of a person but… it’s not as much fun. 

Band aid relay

Relay races are my favorite when it comes to games for miracles– or really just games at all. You can make relay races relate to anything in the world. They are versatile, but also simple enough for even younger children can understand them. 

For any of Jesus’ miracles where He is healing someone, you can use a band aid relay. 

Get some band aids. Students split into two teams. Students run across the room, get a band aid, and bring it back to their team. They must put the band aid on the next student before they can go. The game ends when one team uses all of their band aids.

Forgot to buy band aids or looking for a nearly-free option? You can cut out pictures of band aids instead. Then just use a piece of tape to tape in on the next child’s shirt. 

Note: Make sure they put in on the child’s shirt, not on their skin. Less painful that way. 

My “band aids” when I forgot to buy some, so I made them myself.

Medic tag

Medic tag is a great game for miracles about healing– and it works with all of them. 

One person is it, another person is the medic. 

If you get tagged, you cannot use that part of your body. So if you get tagged in the arm, you must hold your arm while you play. If you get tagged in the leg, you can hop on one leg. 

If you are tagged so you cannot play anymore, you lay on the floor and call for the medic. 

The medic can come and tag people to heal them and put them back in the game. 

Alternatively, you can have the medic do something specific to heal the students, like run in circles around them 3 times to make it more interesting. 

Alternatively, you could do hospital tag, where there are 2 ambulance drivers who must take the player back to the hospital to be healed. In the article below, they use a PE scooter, but you could also have the two students hold a hula hoop and put the “injured” student in the middle for your ambulance. Learn about that game here.

Going Fishing

Let’s go fishing!

For this game, you’ll need:

  • Wooden dowel
  • Yarn
  • Magnet
  • Papers cut out like fish
  • Paper clips

Attach the yarn to the dowel (I’m partial to hot glue). Then attach the other side to the magnet. 

Cut out fish shapes (you can do a few pieces of paper to make it faster). Put paper clips on them.

Have students “fish” for the papers by attaching the magnets to the paper clips on the fish. 

Make it harder by putting Bible verses to recite or Bible trivia on the fish. Each fish could then be a point for the team. 

Make it more active by turning it into a relay race (I told you– anything can be a relay race!). 

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Lazarus wrapping game

Have you ever been to a bridal shower? Did they play that game where you had to make bridal dresses out of toilet paper?

We’re going to steal that but call it Lazrus. 

Split the group into teams. Each team gets a roll (or more!) of toilet paper. They must wrap one team member up like a mummy. The first team to get their person fully wrapped is the winner!

Loaves + Fishes Relay

Our last game for miracles is another relay– this time with loaves and fishes. 

Cut out papers to look like fish and bread. Put them in baskets or cardboard boxes. You can mix them with regular pieces of paper to make it harder. Teammates must run down one at a time to find a fish or bread and bring it back to the team. 

The first team to find all of theirs is the winner. 

Pro tip: Have students sit down once they have found all of their pieces. That will help you see who is finished first. 

Alright friends, that should get you started with your miracles of Jesus lessons! Your kids will love turning these Bible stories into games for Sunday School or Children’s Church. 

So what do you think? Did I leave any out? Send me a message on Instagram (@beccasbibleclass) and let me know! 

Happy teaching!